President - Frank Burns

Too Old

My wife Kirsten, and 2 teenage daughters Abbey & Olivia.

Favourite indoor/outdoor activity?
Fishing, & Golf- these are often done as one when retrieving the ball from the water.

Started in speedway (date and how)?
2004 Demo Derby. Thought it was fun so got a production and now do demo derby in this class. Such fun!

Things you do for speedway?
Bits and pieces. 

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?
World champion F1 driver.

Fun fact about me?
Own a mussel farm and I hate the taste of mussels.

Favourite quote?
Pain is weakness leaving your body - so harden up!

What is one thing you did growing up that got you into trouble?
Set fire to a hill in Picton trying to cook potatoes in a campfire. It caused a 3 hour power outage across town! 

What was the last book/movie you read/watched?
Live Now-Die Later / White House Down.

Why am I on committee (in brief)?
To help out where I can.

Treasurer - Brett Allan


Application forms available on request, bring beer.

What you do for a living? 

Started in speedway (date and how)? 
Mitsubishi GTO NA V6 Production Saloon about seasons ago now. 

Favourite quote. 
"No, no, he didn't slam you, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you... he "rubbed" you. And rubbin, son, is racin".

What was your first car? 
Leyland Mini.

Favourite Book? 
Robert Jordan's 'The Wheel of Time'.

Favourite Movie? 
Talladega Nights and Days of Thunder.

What is your favourite form of exercise? 
Boxing or Rowing.

Fun fact about me? 
My entire life is documented in a series of excel spreadsheets.

Things you do for speedway? 
Bugger All.

Why am I on committee (in brief)? 
To fix the above.

Committee - David Rennie


My wife Deirdrie.

What do you do for a living?
Mobile espresso owner.

Started in speedway (date and how)? 
Going to dungeys on hospital road with grandparents.  Spectating at Renwick since 1985?  Been on race side of the fence since 92approx.

Things you do for speedway? 
Currently- back of the tower assistance, 50/50 lottery, bar, pit marshall for the 14/15 summer.

What was your first car? 
Datsun c20 van.... the rocket!

Fun fact about me? 
My front lawn is home to the Riversdale oval cricket wicket.

Favourite quote? 
Not my fault.

What is one thing you did growing up that got you into trouble? 
Went to stockcars...

Favourite book/movie? 
Book - To Finish First  Movie - James Bond series and Star Wars series.

Why am I on committee (in brief)? 
I've taken a lot of enjoyment from watching over the years – only fair to put some time back into this wonderful sport.

Committee - Maryellen Robinson


I am 1 of 5 children and I have 2 girls of my own

Do you have a tattoo(s), if so then what and where? 
Yes, one on my right arm of a teddybear doing a handstand

Started in speedway (date and how)? 
2007 as a volunteer with my dad

Things you do for speedway? 
I do fundraising and co-ordinate the volunteers.  I am also the Saloon Rep.

What is your favourite form of exercise? 
I play indoor netball two nights a week, outdoor netball on Saturdays and anything in the outdoors.

Fun fact about me. 
I like to play pranks.

Favourite quote. 
"Do to others as you want done to you".

List 5 goals on your life's to-do list? 
Take my children to Disney Land
Travel the world
Get a qualification and change my career
Travel all around New Zealand and see all the sights
Buy my first house

Do you like scary movies or comedy movies more? 
comedy movies are my first choice always.

Why am I on committee (in brief)?
I would like to see the club go forward and I like to be involved in the organising side.

Bob Leslie - Saloon 10e

 Nickname  Mavrick   Age 36
 Class of racecar Saloon   Race Number 10e
 Family Wife, Bex & Son Noah (3yr)
Occupation Roofer
Other Classes Raced (if any) Pitcrew None
  Started Racing in 2009
 Pitcrew Bryan, Murray, Jay
 Sponsors Contours, Konnect 
 Dream place to live Nelson   Ultimate Holiday Pacific Islands
 Favourite Food Pavlova   Favourite Colour Black & White
 Happiest moment in your life  Getting married, close 2nd is winning first saloon race in 2nd season
 Three Wishes 1. Pay off mortgage
2. Winning 1NZ
3. Finding a way to keep the wife happy... happy wife = happy life :)
 Biggest Phobia Drowning
 Surprising fact about you Broke my back last year after falling from a roof

Brett Allan - Production 888e

 Nickname  DirtKiwi (See YouTube)   Age 28
 Class of racecar Production   Race Number 888e

Occupation Accountant
Other Classes Raced (if any) Pitcrew
  Started Racing in 2008
 Sponsors Ascguard Vehicle Receivers, Speedworld, Marlborough Spray Kote
 Dream place to live
  Ultimate Holiday Bathurst 1000
 Favourite Food
  Favourite Colour Red/Black
 Happiest moment in your life  It's all good time, YOLO (you only live once)
 Three Wishes Speed, Skill & Luck
 Biggest Phobia
 Surprising fact about you

Daniel Honey - Streetstock 721e

  Age 26
 Class of racecar Streetstock   Race Number 721e
 Family AJ (Partner) Jarred & Hannah (Kids)
Occupation Vineyard Machinery Operator
Other Classes Raced (if any) Pitcrew Productions
  Started Racing in 2012
 Pitcrew Jarred, Kris, Dan, Brayden
 Sponsors Sign Images, Metal Munching Racing, Redwood Service Centre
 Dream place to live Blenheim - wouldn't go anywhere else   Ultimate Holiday Disneyland!!!!
 Favourite Food Double down at KFC haha   Favourite Colour Black & Orange
 Happiest moment in your life  Any day I get to spend time with the family and my first race!!!
 Three Wishes Money, World Peace and more wishes!!! :P
 Biggest Phobia Small spaces with heaps of people
 Surprising fact about you That I am the owner of the Metal Munching Racing cars

Sam Martin - Productions 14e

  Age 16
 Class of racecar Production Saloon   Race Number 14e
 Family Two parents, two sisters and a brother
Occupation Student
Other Classes Raced (if any) Pitcrew
  Started Racing in 2013
 Pitcrew Daryl, Rob, Jimmie, Rebecca, Wayne
 Sponsors Martin Motors, Repco Blenheim, Trotts Auto Spares, Marlborough Vehicle Removals, The Head Shop, Corbys Tyre Grooving, Simple Signs
 Dream place to live New Zealand   Ultimate Holiday America
 Favourite Food Chicken   Favourite Colour Blue
 Happiest moment in your life  My first speedway meeting
 Three Wishes
 Biggest Phobia
 Surprising fact about you I am single

Wade Sweeting - Youth Ministocks 151e

 Nickname  Wadester   Age 12
 Class of racecar Youth Ministocks   Race Number 151e
 Family Mum, Dad and Me
Occupation Student
Other Classes Raced (if any) Pitcrew ESS Titans Mascot Car
  Started Racing in 2014
 Pitcrew Dad, Scott Duncan
 Sponsors Russells Paint and Panel, Transmar Services, Super Charge Batteries, Morris Oil
 Dream place to live Palmerston North Speedway   Ultimate Holiday Auckland Race Shops
 Favourite Food Fish, Meat   Favourite Colour Red / Blue
 Happiest moment in your life  Titans becoming 2NZ at Stockcar Teams, Hockey Hatch Cup
 Three Wishes 1. Money Machine
2. Box trailer with top of the line race tools
3. Own a Label Factory Clothing
 Biggest Phobia Things that bite
 Surprising fact about you Marlborough Hockey Rep Under 13

Aaron Schumacher - Streetstock & Stockcar 93e

 Nickname  Predator   Age 42
 Class of racecar Street Stocks & Stock Cars   Race Number 93e
 Family Becca, Jack, Jamie, Ayvah
Occupation Tyre Fleet Serviceman
Other Classes Raced (if any) Pitcrew
  Started Racing in 1984-1996 + 2013-now
 Pitcrew Becca, Korei, Daryll, Scotty
 Sponsors JTC, Tyre General, Vent LTD Renwick Transport, Stocks, GT Radial, Signs Now, RPM on 8, Spring Creek Engineering, Forbes Panel and Paint
 Dream place to live Happy where I am   Ultimate Holiday What's that??
 Favourite Food Food   Favourite Colour Blue
 Happiest moment in your life  The birth of my kids
 Three Wishes 1. Being able to afford to race
2. The ability to drive well
3. Have unlimited wishes
 Biggest Phobia The dentist
 Surprising fact about you Nothing

Nigel Mortimer - Stockcar 4e

 Nickname  Grumpy (wife's nickname)   Age 53
 Class of racecar Stock Cars   Race Number 4e
 Family 4 kids to previous marriage, 4 step children, heaps of grandkids
Occupation Roading Construction
Other Classes Raced (if any) Pitcrew Boat racing, GoKart racing   Started Racing in 2014
 Pitcrew Shane and Ray Mortimer plus The Wife
 Sponsors Spring Creek Engineering
 Dream place to live Somewhere   Ultimate Holiday Somewhere with peace and quiet
 Favourite Food Steak   Favourite Colour Blue
 Happiest moment in your life  When I married my wife
 Three Wishes 1. Money
2. Hot brunette
3. Money
 Biggest Phobia Don't have any
 Surprising fact about you He comes across as grumpy but he is actually a sweety and tender person and loves his family so much that he would actually die to get them what they need. (Need not want). (Wife answered)