Radiator Services Group  - REP Mike Inwood

2nz Brent McClymont
4a Anita Sloot
5e Mark Pengelly
10e Bob Leslie
12c Arjen Schouten
14e Daryl Martin
16s Thomas Korff
19w Craig Burton
34e Andre Way
43y Paul Power
45m Paul Cressy
66c Phillip Smythe
72t P Schouten
74m Dan Corrin
84w Matt Eckersley
349t Pierre Leyser
472i Lloyd Phillips

The Cornerstone Group – REP Karen Carey

1nz Chris Cowling
7t Ivan Murdoch
8s Craig Korff
9e Chris Cornelius
17c Jackson Lovelady
18w Todd Moffat
24w Gary Marshall
27e Paul Cambie
37c Lee Morris
46e Patrick North
47c Shane Scott
48y Dan Smyth
55t Steve Robertson
57s Richard Dreaver
88c Terry McBride
95s Ali Stewart
117i Craig Phillips

Matthews Mechanical Group – REP Joanne Gourdian

3nz Nigel Ross
11e Brett McGlashan
13t Pete Walsh
15w Jaden Munn
28d Jessie Sutherland
51m Tony Heuvel
54c Ryan Marsden
63w David Speirs
67s Joe Ingram
70c Dougal McClimont
77e Scott Alexander
78r Chris Betts
89a Tom Roberts
124w Danielle Halcrow
271m Steve Cowling
289c Blair Leigh
791e Robert Flood

Official Entry List

Entries as at 12th Jan 2015
Numbers in brackets are the race numbers for the event if they differ from their original track number
For track codes go here

1 nz Chris Cowling

2 nz Brent McClymont

3 nz Nigel Ross

4 a Anita Sloot

5 e Mark Pengelly

5 w  (15w) Jaden Munn

7 s (57s) Richard Dreaver

7 t Ivan Murdoch

8 s Craig Korff

9 e Chris Cornelius

9 w (19w) Craig Burton

10 w (18w) Todd Moffat

10 e Bob Leslie

10 c (70c) Dougal McClimont

11 e Brett McGlashan

12 c Arjen Schouten

13 t Pete Walsh

14 e Daryl Martin

16 s Thomas Korff

17 i (117i) Craig Phillips

17 c Jackson Lovelady

24 w Gary Marshall

24 m (74m) Dan Corrin

27 e Paul Cambie

27 s (7s) Joe Ingram

28 d Jessie Sutherland

34 e Andre Way

34 w (84w) Matt Eckersley

37 c Lee Morris

43 y Paul Power

45 m Paul Cressy

46 e Patrick North

47 c Shane Scott

47 i (472i) Lloyd Phillips

48 y Dan Smyth

51 m Tony Heuvel

54 c Ryan Marsden

55 t Steve Robertson

63 w David Speirs

66 c Phillip Smythe

72 t P Schouten

77 e Scott Alexander

78 r Chris Betts

88 c Terry McBride

89 a Tom Roberts

95 s Ali Stewart

124 w Danielle Halcrow

271 m Steve Cowling

289 c Blair Leigh

349 t Pierre Leyser

791 e Robert Flood

Event Sponsors

Overall Naming Rights for the NZ Saloon Champs goes to

This event will now be known as the
Picton ITM New Zealand Saloon Champs

The other sponsors are:
The Trading Post - Qualifiers

Fairweathers - Non Qualifiers

Radiator Services - Group 1

The Cornerstone - Group 2

Matthew's Mechanical - Group 3

Qualifying Night Races: 
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Martin Motors
Picton ITM
Radiator Services
Red Top Wheelie Bins & Skip Hire

Gill Construction
Powell Contractors 2012
HR Engineering
Blenheim Accounting

Finals Night Races:
Blenheim Accounting
Martin Motors
BB Signs
Blenheim Accounting
Gillespie Logging
Alapa Viticultural Services

Other Event Sponsors:
The Woodbourne Tavern & Motels - Facebook