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Pit gate is open from 3pm and the public gates are open from 5pm (or one hour prior to race start)

We aim to have racing finished 3-4 hours from the race start

Our gate prices are HERE

Yes we have this facility at our entry gates, however we do not accept credit cards. Our food vendors are mostly cash only, though you can get cash out as you come through the entry gate.

Should a meeting be abandoned before four (4) races are completed, your receipt will act as your cancellation pass, please do not discard this. Under no circumstances will money be refunded. 

Yes you can bring your own food and non alcoholic drinks (no glass permitted). There is also a large variety of food and drink options available at the track.

No, alcohol is not permitted in the stadium or pits of Eastern States Speedway. You can not take glass into the complex.

Yes, we are an outdoor event and pathways are dirt or grassy. We also have our Park N Watch if you prefer to watch from the comfort of your vehicle see HERE for details.

We discourage general pets being brought in by spectators, guide dogs and other service animals are welcome.

Our pit area is entirly smokefree, there is fuel fumes and it is very dangerous to smoke in this area. There are two designated smoking areas within the pits.

The plublic viewing arena is not smokefree, though we encourage those who choose to smoke to please move up to the back of the stadium.

Yes we have seated grandstands between turn 2 and 3 and again between turn 3 and 4. There is also plenty of grassed areas to bring a rug or folding chair.


  Print out the race calendar for your fridge at home

   If you are a new or existing volunteer, driver, pitcrew or member to ESS then please fill in this form.

  All drivers are asked to please fill in this form, this helps our commentator and race fans to know more about you and your sponsors.

  If you are a wanting to enter the Farmlands Streetcar series this season then please fill in this form

  To purchase a season pass for the current season please fill in this form

  For those interested in getting inside a car and racing on the dirt then read over this booklet created by Speedway New Zealand. It will have all the information you need, and if you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact any one of our committee members.

  It is the competitors' responsibility to read all the rules and regulations set out by our governing body, Midas Speedway New Zealand, please ensure you have done this.

  For all members of our club, please ensure you have read the club rules and adhere to these.

  This the body of fundamental principles according to which Eastern States Speedway is acknowledged to be governed by.


1. Entry to race meetings through pit gate is free for driver and one pit crew per race car.

2. Normal admission must be paid for all others eg: Adults $12, Members with membership card $10.

3. All local drivers must be a member of Eastern States Speedway.

4. From the start of season 2014/2015 it was set that the one free pit crew must be a club member to be admitted free.

5. Pit crew can be nominated as club members through the normal process with annual membership fee paid $50.

6. If your one free pit crew person on the night is not a member then they will have to either pay normal admission or can pay a temporary day membership at a cost of $10 for the night.

7. So the 'free' entry for one pit crew will only apply if that person is a member - either fully paid for the season for $50 or temporary member for the night for $10.

8. Drivers are encouraged to sign your pit crew up as permanent members however the temporary membership for the night may be a cheaper alternative for less regular pit crew.

9. To help cover costs of the Ambulance there is a $15 charge per race car

  For ALL children 11 years and younger, please fill in the form


A| AUCKLAND Waikaraka Park, Western Springs, Rosebank
B| NAPIER - Meeanee Speedway
D| DUNEDIN - Beachlands Speedway
E| BLENHEIM - Eastern States Speedway
G| GISBORNE - Eastland Group Raceway
GM| GREYMOUTH - Greenstone Park Speedway
H| HUNTLY - Huntly Speedway
I| INVERCARGILL - Riverside Speedway
K| KIHIKIHI - Kihikihi Speedway
N| NELSON - Top of the South Speedway
O| ORETI PARK - Oreti Park Speedway
P| PALMERSTON NORTH - Palmerston North Speedway
R| ROTORUA - Paradise Valley Speedway
S| STRATFORD - Stratford Speedway
T| CROMWELL - Central Motor Speedway
V| WANGANUI - Ocean View Speedway
W| WELLINGTON - Te Marua Family Speedway
Y| WESTPORT - Sunset Speedway

1NZ, 2NZ, 3NZ - Top 3 out of the entire country for their class