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Sisters-in-law Ange and Liz have been running the ESS Junior Members since 2006, they both really enjoy doing this and seeing the members who have grown up and now have their own race cars is the cherry on the top.
  Life for both Ange and Liz is full on but highly rewarding.

Ange Valk

Ange is a Legal Executive by day and has two sons, Keegan who is 5 years old and 2 year old Connor. 

She loves saloons and from time to time will pit crew for 791e Robert Flood.

Liz Valk

Liz is a Self Employed Graphic Designer (Valk Designs), she has two children, Abigail who is nearly 6 and 1 year old Nikolai. She has been a committee member at Speedway for 4 years, currently sitting on committee again this season as Assistant Secretary. She also does the artwork and printing for programmes and other bits and pieces at speedway.


For our 2015/2016 season we have a big thank you for:
MD Freighting who sponsored our flash new t-shirts

Blenheim Countdown who donated a grocery voucher 
and some wee toys

We always looking for a major sponsor (or various smaller sponsors) so that we can continue to keep doing fun things for the kids. If you think you would be able to help us out then please get in contact with Liz 027 243 0356 and we can have a chat.