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We need new leaders

Liz and Ange have ran the Junior Member club for over 10 years and they are keen to hand it over to some new superstars as they are no longer able to put the same time into it they once had. It was built up from nothing to a really cool little club and would like to see it continue to flourish.

The Junior Member club is financially self sufficient and there is always people to answer questions, a full handover will be given.

We really do not want to have this awesome club of kids close because there is nobody to take it on. Please, touch base with Liz 027 243 0356 with any questions or fill in the form if you are interested.



It is a club for kids up to and including the age of 12. The membership cost of $10 is for the entire racing season and it covers a birthday present, Christmas present (if joint prior to Christmas), Easter Egg hunt, Summer Party, goody bags at each meeting and other fun things during the season.

At the ESS shop we have for sale toys to keep the kids entertained if they get a bit scratchy, ear plugs, ear muffs, sun glasses and lots more, all money from sales of items goes directly back into the Junior Member club to keep it running.

From time to time we will run a fundraising raffle, or have competitions for the kids with prizes for the winner(s).


available at the start of each season


FREE entry to each speedway meeting for the season

1x goody bag each meeting

1x Birthday present

1x Chirstmas present 
(if joint prior to Christmas)

Santa Parade participation 
(if not on a race night)

Easter Egg Hunt 

and lots of other goodies

*Membership applications available from 
September to December



For our 2015/2016 season we have a big thank you for:
MD Freighting who sponsored our flash new t-shirts

Blenheim Countdown who donated a grocery voucher 
and some wee toys

We always looking for a major sponsor (or various smaller sponsors) so that we can continue to keep doing fun things for the kids. If you think you would be able to help us out then please get in contact with Liz 027 243 0356 and we can have a chat.